Wednesday, June 22, 2011

True Singapore Ghost Stories Vol.21 by Russell Lee

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Year Published: 2011

Book 21 in the True Singapore Ghost Stories series is released, and as usual, contains collection of stories and true encounters of the contributors/readers.

The issue explored in this book, is about the world end, alleged to take place in 2012.
(Is this a ploy following the movie of the same title?)

Author Russell Lee shares his thoughts and views on this topic; and whether he concurs with the general thought that doomsday is on its way.

I think the recent spike in natural disasters and diseases has taken its toll on the human minds, and raised this alarming thought whether the world and mankind is about to come to an end and that Judgment Day is looming near, and further, the Mayans calendar seemed to end in the same alleged year.

However, researches and topics explored in the book tells you that NO one can predict WHEN is the end, whatever you read on the Internet, or hearing it from astrological experts and even mass media.

I happen to agree with Russell Lee, as seriously, we are just mere ordinary mortals and there is no way we can tell when we are about to meet our creator (if we ever get the chance to meet Him - we need to be worthy).

It is a thought provoking topic, and I am also surprised with a number of people who truly believed that the End is approaching and some are giving it all up to explore the world or to enjoy life to the fullest.
Aren't we supposed to take a deep breath, relax and enjoy each day anyway; whether the end is near or NOT?

A good topic for discussion, but I find the stories half as entertaining as they used to be in the earlier books. (Or was it me, growing out of it?)
Some of the stories were quite good, but I think the number of stories have decreased compared to before.

A good read nevertheless; especially if you are a fan/collector of the series.
Looking forward to Vol.22 soon, maybe next year? :)

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